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Not only is our deer feed precisely mixed, it is proudly grown here in Arkansas. We grew as much as we can on our farm this wet year. However, based on sales over the last month, we knew we're going to run out because of the HUGE demand from experienced hunters---There's no need to worry though! We are prepared and have already contracted with our hard working neighbors to get extra corn and soybeans. Just like us, they are dedicated farmers and grow the highest quality products that are required for our deer feed.

Our staff is dedicated in delivering the absolute best products on the market---we know you want it, and we know you deserve it!

Clean seed.


Our seed is the absolute cleanest on the market! It will NOT clog your feeder. We know this because our customers call us to let us know that's one reason why they keep ordering it.

Random test plots this year.

Big deer.

These deer have been eating our feed all summer long. We are quite confident you will love Deer Trail Delite and be back for more-year after year!     ...as well as your deer.