Current locations

You probably already know where your local deer feed dealers are located, but here is a map where you can currently find our products.

If your local sporting goods store, truck stop, grocery story, gas station, hardware store or pawn shop is not selling our products:

  • Deer Trail Delite

  • Swamp Chomp

  • Corn (with and without flavor)

  • Rice bran (with and without flavor)

  • Food plot mix

and you convince them to place an order, we will send you a a few free gifts to say thanks! ...don't be silly--of course you will need to let us know you were the reason they called---BEFORE they place their order.

Interested in becoming a retailer?

We are proud to be one of the HOTTEST product on the market this year in Arkansas! if you want to place our products on your shelf or floor, give us a call! We are currently looking to expand into northern and southern Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri.